Penilee Nursery School

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Nursery Fund

Nursery Fund (Toy Fund)

The fund is £2 per week per child and can be paid weekly or monthly……whatever suits you.

This fund is really important to the nursery to help buy both special, and everyday items, for children to be safe, have fun, extend learning and receive treats including:

*Graduation gifts

*Christmas gifts

*Birthday gifts

*Easter gifts

* Sun Screen

*Baby wipes

*Stickers for rewards and for occasions such as taking part in YOGA Bears, Lending Library and PAThS

*Goodies for parties and special celebrations

*Kindling/cotton wool/petroleum jelly for the fire pit

*Hot chocolate and snacks for cosy time round the fire pit

*Resources to make playdough- Flour, oil, salt and colouring

*Resources for messy play-Shaving foam, cornflour for gloop.

*Fresh citrus fruit and herbs for the children to experience real items in the home area as well as to stimulate children’s senses with the fresh smells

*Food tasting when celebrating occasions such as Chinese New Year, Burns Day, St Andrews Day, Diwali and Eid

*As well as additional resources needed to provide daily planned learning experiences to promote teaching and learning.

Please note this can be paid in cash by handing into the office or can be paid via bank transfer straight into the Nursery Fund Account Sort Code:832106 Account Number:00149979. Should you choose to pay this way we ask that you put your child’s full name along with NF (Nursery Fund) as the reference.