Penilee Nursery School

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Learning Programmes

Lingo Leapers

Lucy is our Lingo Leaper lead. The purpose behind Lingo Leapers is to continue the work that was previously offered from our EAL teacher who left in December 2018. Lingo Leapers is an opportunity for children who are non-English speakers to engage in small group experiences to support confidence and language. All children can join in with Lingo Leapers as it has been seen as a good way to build confidence in communication. Guidance for this is sought from EAL Service Glasgow.


Yoga Sessions

Emily is our Yoga Lead. Emily supports all children to participate in yoga sessions during their nursery day. Our Yoga sessions are part of our health and wellbeing for children programme.

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Kim is our PAThS Lead this year. During the course of the week children are encouraged to participate in PAThS lessons.

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Global Goals

Jade is our Global Goals/Learning for Sustainability Lead (LfS) will be working on raising awareness of LfS through Global Goals.

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ECO Drama

Brenda, Lucy and Heather are our leads for ECO Drama. Eco Drama sessions will be offering to all children on Wednesdays

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These are just a few of the learning programmes we continually offer at Penilee Nursery as well as daily teaching, learning and having FUN.